• Always dry clean sets of clothes, such as suits, all at the same time, as this will ensure that any slight colour changes over time are consistent across the suit.


• Always clean clothes before putting them in storage: stains that might not be apparent will oxidize and become potentially permanent while hidden away.


•  If you know there’s a stain on the item that you’re taking to be cleaned, show the dry cleaner exactly where it is and tell them what it is, if you know. Many people assume that dry cleaning automatically removes stains, but that’s simply not the case. It will usually remove odours and grime, but stains will need special treatment, so make sure you point out any stains and say you’d like them to be removed. • Go through all the pockets and take out anything you find, as it’s liable to be lost during the cleaning process. Some things, like a pen or a sweet, could even ruin the clothes if left inside. While most dry cleaners will check the pockets before cleaning, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


• Check the item of clothing to make sure there’s no loose buttons, shoulder pads, beading, trimming or sequins, as these could come off during the dry cleaning process. Either secure them properly before cleaning or remove them, if they are particularly precious.


• If your garment has especially ornate buttons that might be easily damaged, you can ask the dry cleaner to protect them by wrapping them up before cleaning.


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